Top ‘Transporter’ For Medellin Cartel Releases Memoir – Roger Reaves

QUOTE FROM MEMOIR – “The Clintons were up to their eyeballs in cocaine.”

Roger Reaves is hardly known. Yet, he was the man who modernized the Medellin Cartels transport operation.

Roger is the man who met and employed Barry Seal. It was Roger who introduced Barry to Jorge Ochoa and Pablo Escobar. It was Roger who paid the $50,000 per landing at Mena, Arkansas by Barry Seal.

Roger is incarcerated in Western Australia for the importation of one ton of cocaine.

Roger is due for parole on a life sentence sometime after 2018.

His book “Smuggler” is available on Amazon in hard copy and Kindle etc.

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Roger details the corruption he witnessed. The pay offs and the sheer adventure.

Barry Seal is being played by Tom Cruise in an upcoming movie that was originally named “Mena”.

The movie’s name has been changed to “Made In America”.

Mena is a little airport in Arkanasa, USA, where tons of cocaine was unloaded in exchange for arms to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. This drug smuggling operation ultimately involved the infamous Colonel Oliver North and George W. Bush became known as “Iran/Contra”.

Barry Seal was ultimately assassinated on February 20th, 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Roger met with him just a month previously and warned him if he testified the Cartel would kill him. Roger ran for Brazil and took his whole family with him.

You can watch a video called, ‘When Roger Met Barry” on Rogers You Tube channel linked to above.

Due to copyright, it can only be viewed in the United States thought this does not make sense. It is a copyright claim by National Geographic. They filmed Roger in jail for a documentary.

Here is a link to the video in high quality on Google Drive –

Here is a recent newspaper article on Roger and the release of his memoir.

Daily Mail Online News Article

You don’t have to agree with Rogers life choices, he accepts his fate. The memoir however is a rollicking adventure, without doubt. It took 15 years to get the manuscript out. Hollywood director James Cameron expressed an interest in a script in 2008 but the manuscript never got released – till recently, with some mammoth efforts.

You will come away with the feeling the whole drug war is a sham. Roger agrees.

You can write to Roger at:

Roger Reaves
Acacia Prison
Locked Bag 1
Wooroloo, W.A