Oh no! Here they come!

 UPDATE: March 9, 2017

World Trade Center to be built for Perth. Here they come. Moving in. New curtains. Coat of paint. Sprucing up “The Bunker”. Holographic aircraft and thermate optional?

Netanyahu has apparently organized direct flights, Tel Aviv to my home town Perth, Western Australia.

ZIonist Infiltration Of Australia – Video

I will say it one more time – FOR THE RECORD – watch Perth. Watch closely.


Jordanian businessman financing. Hmmmm. A friend of Adnan Khashoggi?


I first wrote about this in 2005.


Well. It had to happen. Well, its actually been happening for a while – the slow invasion of Oz – by our betters. Maybe we can all chop wood and carry water for them?

“Hipster Perth gets Big Apple seal of approval”

The New York Times (Rome) has seen fit to bless my home town with much ‘indulgences’ and tidings of good will. I’m not so sure thats a good thing. They are positively raving about the place and if you know anything about the people who own and run the New York Times you will know how to “read between the lines”. I would say the collapse of the US economy and in due course the world economy is not far away and some smoke signals are pouring out of New York to Chicago, Miami and Tel Aviv – land ho!

“Ahrrrrrr…pieces of eight!”

The article appeared last week in the local paper. Anyone who lives here knows this is utter drivel but spoken in a language a identifiable group “understand”. Australia is a “safe haven” for the coming economic collapse for all sorts of people – not just those who call themselves “jews”. Read on —

Hipster Perth gets Big Apple seal of approval
Rianna King – The West Australian Newspaper
February 2014
WA tourism bosses say a New York Times article describing Perth as “a city embodying all things right about cities” shows WA has arrived as a world-class travel destination.
Perth has previously been labeled dull and expensive, but the glowing travel review by Baz Dreisinger declares te city to be “hipster heaven”, cooler than Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg.
Dreisinger waxes lyrical about the cities assets, from the “futuristic” Perth arena to its endless stretch of blue sky days in summer and “hipster” urban villages such as Northbridge and Mt Lawley.
“Multiple parks and waterways; spotless subways and free public buses; restaurant menu’s with organic, locally sources food and wine; cool bars in heritage buildings; and pop up everything, from farmers markets to cinema and yoga,” she writes.
“Could a city really be so easy, breezy, green and pristine – so positively livable? I’d thought Williamsburg was hipster heaven, it pales beside Perth.”
Some of Perths new bars, restaurants and hotels rate a mention in the article, including the refurbished Terrace Hotel and Cottesloe Beach Hotel as well as Print Hall, Little Creatures and the Stables Bar.
The newspaper has an average digital and print circulation of almost 1.9 million, and 11 million Twitter followers, and the article has been widely circulated on social media since its publication on Thursday.
WA Tourism Minister Liza Harvey said the article created huge potential for international exposure. “I’m excited because the US is one of our target markets at the moment, we know there is some untapped potential and the New York Times has a huge on-line presence,” she said.
WA Tourism Council chief executive Evan Hall said it was te most glowing review e had ever read about Perth.
“It’s great publicity, it confirms that Perth in an international world-class destination in its own right. Without a doubt Perth has arrived.”
Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi hoped the article would make West Australians realise ow lucky they were and encourage new visitors to the State.
“The fact it is coming from New York, which we look up to, is particularly poignant … it makes us feel proud that people on the other side of te planet are reading about our city,” she said.
The Terrace Hotel marketing director Amanda oyne said visitors were marveling at Perts rapid growth and change.
“As locals, we have witnessed the cultural and physical changes over time and perhaps do not fully appreciate all that we have to offer,” she said.

The online article is HERE.

Who is Baz Dreisinger?

Baz Dreisenger

“Baz Dreisinger writes about Caribbean and African-American culture and music for publications ranging from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to Caribbean Travel & Life and the Village Voice. She produces radio segments for National Public Radio, has written and produced two documentary films about hip-hop culture and is the author of Near Black: White to Black Passing in American Culture.”

She can be contacted at Columbia University here – bdreisinger@jjay.cuny.edu
She has an interest in “race relations” eh? Maybe she could write about Rabbi Ovadia Yosef? You know, the “rabbi for all jews”? Oh, thats right, cant go there. Jews are never racist 😀

Ya know, a bit of racism, a bit of genocide, all in a days work for racist criminal jews. So, were are all those lefty bleeding heart “good jews” like Baz Dreisinger? Dreisinger is no doubt a feminist, so, how about this from “the rabbi for all jews”:

Wheres the outrage Baz! Baz should look up how a woman gets converted to Orthodox Judaism – two Rabbi’s put a white cloth over their fingers then stick them up…er, well, you get the idea. No, I’m not making it up. She’s naked in a bath (mikvah) though so I guess that makes it alright? Orthodox Judaism has a very unhealthy interest in young boys nocturnal emissions and womens menstrual cycles.

They’ve tried to come here before –

 “Dr Isaac Steinberg. Courtesy of Leon Gettler, ‘An Unpromised Land’, 1993 – “Dr Isaac Steinberg, once Lenins Minister of Justice, tought the East Kimberley a ‘promised land’ for Jewish refugee’s. His plan to settle 75,000 people near the Ord River after World War II won State Government support, but Federal authorities rejected the proposals.”

Thank God for the Federal Government!

Lets read some more from good old ‘Baz’…

The ‘Justice’ of Reggae

July 11, 2002 | 8:00 pm

 There’s something very, well, Jewish about reggae music. So Jewish, in fact, that Rastas in clubs, swaying to Bob Marley, are uncannily reminiscent of rabbis in synagogue, prayer books in hand.
No one knows this better than Elan, the 26-year-old singer/songwriter who will headline Bet Tzedek’s Justice Ball on July 20. As an Orthodox Jew who fronted Marley’s former reggae band, The Wailers, for three years, Elan felt a kinship with his Rastafarian bandmates. “I’d wake up and put tefillin on every morning, and they would always stand back in respect, because they understand that prayer is holy,” he recalls. “They’re very similar to Jews.”


O this stuff has me in fits! Lets quote it –

  • “I’d wake up and put tefillin on every morning, and they would always stand back in respect, because they understand that prayer is holy,” he recalls. “They’re very similar to Jews.”

Yeh, ask African Americans in Crown Heights what they think of Chabad Lubavitch 😀 You cant make this shit up. Someone is wrapping dog shit in fine French bread and parading it around as fine dining. There is nothing more utterly odious than an Orthodox Jew. Above that is utter lunacy in the Ultra-Orthodox who should be locked up indefinitely.

Maybe when ‘Baz’ comes again she can go and experience some Indigenous culture away from the boutique bars and clubs of Perth and head bush?

Maybe she can write about the outrageous suicide rates amongst Indigenous Australians? The poverty? The lack of basic services. The huge rate of fetal alcohol syndrome. The enormous cost of domestic violence and child sexual abuse? Maybe she could go to a community and see the kids sleeping on the ground? Maybe she could be reminded that an Aboriginal Australian couldn’t go into the city CBD until 1969 – you don’t hear that mentioned too much. Maybe she can highlight Australia’s complete inability to admit that Australia was “invaded” and colonized – the British Empire did not “arrive” any more than the Soviets “arrived” in Germany in 1945. If these people were “white” there would be an outcry – people would be marching. Crying. I’m 43 years old and its STILL going on! Where’s ‘Baz’ on this issue? Maybe some bleeding heart New York jews can come Down Under and fix it all for us? Just don’t mention the Palestinians nor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Nothing terrifies me more than a bunch of whiney New York “hipster” jews invading Australia – especially Perth. We’ve already got a bunch of arrogant South African Jews running around the place – especially in the hospital system. Especially in Royal Perth Hospital which could explain why I was thrown out of their with a badly broken arm. I am going to educate my fellow Western Australians at just WHAT they are letting into the country. Perhaps it is karma? Now we are going to find out what its like to be second class citizens and have our values and traditions taken away?

I warned about what was going to happen back in early 2006 –

The NWO has it’s big fat eyes glued firmly on Oz.

Sitting innocently, surfing and tanning itself for so long, the average Australian is about to feel the rod of his and her’s true Master.

Oz has been earmarked as playground and last resort ‘bunker’ for the NWO Heirarchy and loyal lackeys.

The combination of low population, unlimited resources (that includes water), geological position (right under Asia), stable Western Democracy and sunny shores have at last been our undoing.

I personally believe that Crocodile Hunter idiot also must share some of the blame.

Thats right, he’s an idiot and lets not speak of him again.

Here is a quick run down of what is coming and may already be here.

High level nuclear waste dump.
What did we expect? All this stable geology. No body about. Stable government and a population to busy surfing to notice. Of course thats not entirely true. They tried a little while ago and lost. But they’ll be back. Thats the point of the NWO…they run the planet…they’ll be back.

Sattelite Launch Facilities & Top Secret Weapons Testing
Again…view the above aforementioned. Plus the Yanks think we’re just like them. Which we are. Just with warmer weather and better beer. We can also shoot straight but thats another story. Besides, with the Australian’s well known “she’ll be right attitude” no one will complain about all that DU wafting about…especially with no one around.

Gigantic Army/Airforce/Naval Bases
Thats what you get for sitting below Asia. We also sit beneath what Thomas Barnett calls “The Gap”…aka: pain in the arse Fundamentalist Muslims (aka beleivers in God) who refuse to knuckle under NWO rule. Tsunamis were act 1. More to come.
Already under way are 2 bases with total of 30,000 Marines which will include air bases for their F/18’s. I have heard secret little bases for their B2 bomber may be on the go as well. These will be based in the North West of W.A and the Northern Territory. Most of these resources will be moved from South Korea. Dont worry about that peninsula. Kim Jong Il has been told they’re just going to Nuke him. He’ll stay in his box. Besides, when Usama is finally admitted dead Kim will be needed as the new and improved Goldstein.
Of course there will be some small problems. Hanging shit on the Poms is parse. People from such a cold land are to be pitied not stirred up. Yank bashing is in and some great dust up’s are to be expected with such a huge influx of drunken loud mouthed Yanks who are yet to realise that drunken loud mouthed Australians always win in hand to hand combat.

Bunker For WW3
With a low population, stupendous resources of EVERYTHING. Cheap housing and land. Fantastic lifestyle and well away from every one, the once cursed Convict Island is having the last laugh. From convict island to Elite hang out in just 200 short years.
With a great influx of the well to do from Europe and the U.S as things go to shit around 2012 the local economies will boom.
Apart from the obvious booms in goods and services there will also be plenty of work for house cleaners, waiters, child sex rings, drug dealers, security gaurds and male prostitutes.
The Sydney Gay Mardi Grar (spelling?) will be bigger than ever and the Mossad will be cleaning up on the Ecstasy market.

There you go fellow Oz dwellers. Life in the short term is going to actually be very good. That is only if you dont mind losing your soul whilst counting your money.

The only good thing is theres still time to secure some cheap land and build your own bunker. If you’re as cynical as me that is. Of course some call me a realist.



Max Blumenthal. Has been exposing jewish racial and religious supremacism as the foundation of Zionism for years. Check out his You Tube channel.
Professor Norman Finkelstein. Nobody does it better. Watch him tear a bleeding heart ‘Baz’ type apart at a University campus debate – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0CulhsQkTA
Israel Shamir – “Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews – the world is.”

Paul Eisen. Easily some of the best writings on Israel and jewish religious and racial supremacism. Clear and concise, I’m jealous. I wish I could write like him. Maybe with more therapy…


JEWISH POWER: “The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organised Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do” http://www.righteousjews.org/article10.html

I hope I didn’t hurt any Jewish feelings with these words of Truth 🙁

Please, let us learn from a children’s bed time story –


Imman Ali – Commander of the Faithful

“I was worried and alarmed lest the foolish and wicked persons should become the rulers of this nation and make the property of God their plaything and the creatures of God their slaves and fight with the righteous and make the tyrants their helpers.” Page 127