Why Is The Media Ignoring My Story?

 Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman CBE AM & Rita, Hon Life President of the Australasian Rabbinate (ORA): “Congratulations on a wonderfully organised event. I was thrilled with the attendance and like you have always believed that we have many friends of Israel among our non-Jewish fellow Australians, The fact that Foreign Affairs Minister Steven Smith took time from his election schedule to attend and address the colossal turn-out speaks volumes for Government support.

What happened to me is utterly unique. It even involved an unheard of event – a foreign power DIRECTLY interfered in the Australian legal process. It was astounding but you have never heard about it and nor has there been any follow up by the media after an initial article PUBLICIZING the meeting at which the Israeli Ambassador to Australia and Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister appeared and directly supported the opposition (Stanley Elliot Keyser) in my case. You can read all about it here – CAN ANYONE STAND UP TO THE RACIST APARTHEID STATE OF ISRAEL

Here is the newspaper article advertising the event to be held 8 days before the original August 16th 2010 start of my trial –

If you’re not “legally minded” then you might miss the significance of the event. It was “criminal contempt of court” and “Attempting/Conspiring to Defeat the Course of Justice.” The effect of not only figures in the Israeli State turning up but written support from 100 local and federal members of parliament and the personal attendance of 30 local and federal members of parliament was to grossly interfere in the legal process. It was absolutely astounding and an event worthy of NATIONAL media coverage – if not international. But not a squeak. Nothing. Nada.

Stanley Keyser – keynote speaker

I sent a crack team of 60 year old activists to film the event via hidden camera while I made a scene outside. The man who made the complaint against me was the keynote speaker and while he was on-stage I got a friend to ask him a question (paraphrasing) – “Is it true as I read on the internet that Israel did 9-11 and not 19 Arab hijackers?” You can see the footage here – ISRAELI AMBASSADOR GETS EMBARRASSED BY AUSTRALIAN COCKY

More recent photo – Keyser’s “Blue Steel” look

Dr Alan Sabrosky, former head of studies of the US Army War College, had alot to say about who really did 9-11 –

Here is a list of the political elite of Australia who expressed support for the “Friends Of Israel” event. Just try and understand the significance of this – 8 days before the original start of the trial which was subsequently adjourned as we were seeking “expert witnesses” to appear on my behalf at the time so you can imagine how it became IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone to appear on my behalf with this sort of firepower expressing support for an event that was aimed squarely at me. In fact, the website ADMITTED the event was organized “in direct response to Brendon O’Connell”. Only Professor Kevin MacDonald agreed to give “opinion evidence” at the trial but he agreed Jews were a “racial group” so I could not use him unfortunately, although in hind site I wish I had as I was never going to win the case anyway. Here is the list, take it all in, it is PURE GOLD –

Dignitaries and Community Leaders attending the Launch of FOIWA

(this posting has been updated since the launch, to include messages of support received from the attendees afterwards)

STOP PRESS: Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith came directly from the Pacific Islands Forum to speak at the launch of FOIWA.

The following dignitaries attended the launch of FOIWA on 8 August 2010:

  • Stephen Smith MP, Federal Member for Perth, Foreign Minister. 
  • Senator Glenn Sterle, Senator for Western Australia: “To Steve, Bob and the Committee of the FOIWA, Congratulations on the successful launch of this ground breaking initiative. As a West Australian, and a true friend of the state of Israel, it gives me great pleasure to be an inaugural member of this vital assembly. Shalom”
  • Senator Mark Bishop , Senator for Western Australia
  • Senator Michaelia Cash, Senator for Western Australia
  • Michael Keenan MP, Federal Member for Stirling; Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs
  • Louise Durack, Labor Candidate for Stirling
  • Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLA BA, LLB, BJuris, JP, Former Member for Armadale
  • Tim Hammond, Labor Candidate for Swan
  • Ambassador Yuval Rotem, Israel Embassy to Australia
  • Mr Michael Sutherland MLA BA, LLB, DipEd and Michelle Gilchrist , Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly
  • Hon. Kate Doust MLC, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Council; Shadow Minister for Energy; Science and Innovation
  • Liz Lloyd Behjat MLC, State Member for North Metropolitan Region: Congratulations on the launch of the WA Friends of Israel WA.  The number of enthusiastic people who attended the event …is testament to the high regard in which you and others of the Perth Jewish community are held by the community and political leaders form all political persuasions. Warmest regards and best wishes for the continued growth and success of the organisation. 
  • Sue Ellery MLC, Member for South Metropolitan
  • Peter Abetz MLA , State Member for Southern River
  • Albert Jacob MLA , State Member for Ocean Reef
  • Bill Johnston MLA , State Member for Cannington
  • Ben Wyatt MLA, Member for Victoria Park: “Warmest congratulations on a wonderfully successful launch of the Friends of Israel yesterday! It is clear that Israel has deep and sincere support from across Western Australia and I have no doubt that the ‘Friends of Israel’ will have an important role to play in developing this relationship. Warmest regards…”
  • Peter Tinley MLA, Member for Willagee
  • Hon. John Charles Kobelke MLA BSc, DipEd, JP, Member for Balcatta
  • Councillor Rod Willox AM RFD ED JP , Councillor, City of Stirling
  • Councillor David Michael, Osborne Ward, City of Stirling
  • Stephen Price , WA Secretary, AWU
  • Christine Gundry JP and Pauline Saillard, Electorate Officer , Office of Ian Britza, MLA
  • Mrs Anne-Kit and Mr John Littler, Researcher for Ian Britza, MLA in Morley
  • Mrs Margaret Duff and Max Duff, Office of Paul Papalia, Member for Warnbro
  • Alex Butterworth , President, Young Liberals W.A
  • Pastor Ross and Mei Clark , Perth Messianic Assembly Dianella
  • Hon Rev Dr Margaret Court AO, MBE,Phd LLD, Senior Pastor, Victory Life Centre
  • Barry Court, Board Member, Victory Life Centre
  • Pastor Ron McKay & Pat, Pastor, Victory Life Centre
  • Anne Edgar, Victory Life Centre
  • Helen Muir, Victory Life Centre
  • Pastor Alan Wells, Victory Life Centre: “It was a historical day for God and for Israel. Scripture in Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, May they prosper who love you. As we pray for the peace of Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, Sovereign God, brings Friends of Israel together, and we witnessed a great outpouring on August 8, 2010 here in Western Australia. May God stir the hearts of many around Australia and the world to also have Friends of Israel,  that the world may know that many stand with Israel for Her Sovereignty, the Right to Exist, the Right to live in Peace, that She continue to be, “ for a light of the Gentiles (Nations) (Isaiah 42:6)., and be a Blessings to the Nations of the World, as God proclaimed in His Word, the Holy Scriptures. It was a joy to see so many come together to support Friends of Israel.”
  • Stan & Caroline Pisulak, White House Community Church: “Our heart and affection are in support of the people of Israel and indeed all Jews located and globally, and Friends of Israel in WA. A great start in anticipation of mighty things to come”                                         
  • Ruth & Tony Marrion, White House Community Church and Bridges for Peace         
  • George & Jacky Morris, White House Community Church                                           
  • Mary Goldstone, White House Community Church                                           
  • Mr & Mrs Hal Colebatch, Lawyer and Author
  • Mr ADM Lindsay, Barrister and Solicitor
  • Phil & Brine Salinger
  • Dr Antonio Buti, BPE DipEd MIR W.Aust., LLB A.N.U., DPhil Oxon, Prof Law UWA
  • Bill Gaynor, President of the RSL
  • Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman CBE AM & Rita, Hon Life President of the Australasian Rabbinate (ORA): “Congratulations on a wonderfully organised event. I was thrilled with the attendance and like you have always believed that we have many friends of Israel among our non-Jewish fellow Australians, The fact that Foreign Affairs Minister Steven Smith took time from his election schedule to attend and address the colossal turn-out speaks volumes for Government support. All the speakers were excellent. Their personal experiences were both interesting and heartening, mentioning also the deceptions and misrepresentations of people who have never been to Israel but presume to judge its very survival . I take this opportunity of saluting the Chairman Bob Kucera. His introductory speech was illuminating. His humour and personal reminiscences of Israel were exhilarating and it was reflected by all who spoke at the podium. I am proud of the Australian nation when more than 100 State and Federal Parliamentarians, President of the State RSL and so many leaders from societies, associations and organisations representing all walks of life, came to respect the sovereignty of the Nation of Israel and acclaim Ambassador Rotem with a standing ovation. They came to pay tribute to Israel’s medical and technical expertise which it shares internationally, to support Israel’s right to defend its citizens in the face of terrorism, to defend freedom and democracy with a longing for peace and stability in the entire region of the Middle East. I was elevated when the Chairman concluded his remarks with the adage of a former Prime Minister of Spain  “If Israel Goes Down We All Go Down”.
  • Rabbi Dovid Freilich OAM & Mrs Aviva Freilich, Chief Rabbi of the Perth Hebrew Congregation; President of the Association of Rabbis in Australasia
  • Tony & Helen Tate, President, JCCWA
  • Josephine Orya, President, Magen David Adom
  • Michael Frame, President, Jewish Centre
  • Anne Topelberg OAM, President, WIZO WA
  • Jeanette & Joe Berinson, Former Federal Government Minister
  • Rabbi Marcus & Linda Solomon , Rabbi of Dianella Shule; Rabbi of Beit Midrash of W.A.
  • John Schaffer , Chairman, Schaffer Corporation Limited
  • Ray & Maree Findley, President, Temple David Congregation (Inc)
  • Rabbi Sheryl Nosan-Blank , Temple David Congregation (Inc)
  • David & Beverlie Denver, President, Jewish Community Appeal and member of Executive of the Jewish Community Council of WA
  • Roger Davis, Vice President, Maurice Zeffert Home
  • Angela Davis , NCJW
  • Joy & Brian Rourke, NCJW
  • Ester & Henry Steinglesser, NCJW
  • Yael & Jonathon Jacobson, Jewish Care WA
  • Raymond & Shirley Bernstein , Jewish Care WA
  • Ofer & Tsaela Simchony, Executive Director, UIA WA
  • Barry N. J. Walters FRACP FRANZCOG, Clinical Associate Professor, Obstetric Medicine, KEMH & RPH
  • Mr Andrew & Mrs Gwyneth Carver, Temple David Congregation (Inc)
  • Debra & Peter Kesacoff, Immediate Past President, JewishCare WA Inc
  • Michael Meyer & partner, President, Perth Chevra Kadisha,  & West Australian Institute of Jewish Affairs
  • Bob Kucera APM and Sue , nominee FOIWA Chairman, former Minister for MultiCultural Affairs
  • Ray & Judith Halligan, nominee FOIWA Vice Chairman, former Member for North Metropolitan Region
  • Brendan Johnston & partner, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Grant Crombie & partner, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Judith Lewis & partner, nominee FOIWA Membership Officer
  • Kelvin Crombie & partner, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Shaun & Laurelle Mellet, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Navit & Arseni Shchigel , SZC, and nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Phil Samuell OAM  & partner, VP of JCCWA and nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Stanley Keyser & partner, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Melanie & Mark Casserly, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Jan Jermalinski & partner, nominee FOIWA Committee member
  • Steve & Robyn Lieblich, JCCWA, AIJAC, and nominee FOIWA Committee member

The following dignitaries expressed their support of FOIWA and extended their apologies that they are unable to attend the launch on 8 August, and would have attended but for other commitements. Some of their statements of support were read at the launch:

  • Senator Mathias Cormann, Senator for Western Australia
  • Hon Julie Bishop MP, Federal Member for Curtin; Deputy Leader of the Opposition; Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Hon Gary Gray AO MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Western and Northern Australia, Member for Brand (WA)
  • Don Randall MP JP, Federal Member for Canning
  • Judi Moylan MP, Member for Pearce
  • Sharryn Jackson MP, Member for Hasluck
  • Hon Helen Morton MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier; Treasurer; Minister for State Development and to the Minister for Water; Mental Health 
  • Hon Nigel Hallett, MLC, Member for the South West Region
  • Mr Ken Travers MLC, Member for the North Metropolitan
  • Hon Linda Savage MLC, Member for East Metropolitan Region
  • Hon. Adele Farina MLC, Member for South West Region
  • Hon. Ljiljanna Ravlich MLC, Member for East Metropolitan Region; Shadow Minister for Commerce & Small Business; Government Accountability; Tourism and Training
  • John Castrilli MLA, Member for Bunbury
  • The Hon Dr Kim Hames, MLA, Deputy Premier, Minister for Health: Indigenous Affairs
  • Hon. Francis Logan MLA, Member for Cockburn
  • Hon. Eric Ripper MLA BA, DipEd, Leader of the Opposition; Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management; Native Title
  • Mr Ian Maxwell Britza MLA, Member for Morley
  • Margaret Quirk MLA, Member for Girrawheen
  • HonTerry Waldron MLA , Member for Wagin
  • Paul Papalia CSC, MLA, Member for Warnbro
  • John Hyde MLA, Member for Perth; Shadow Minister for Culture and the Arts; Heritage; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship
  • Tony O’Gorman JP MLA, Member for Joondalup
  • Dr Janet Woollard MLA, Member for Alfred Cove
  • Mick Murray MLA, Member for Collie-Preston
  • Mr David Templeman MLA, Member for Mandurah
  • Hon. C. Christian Porter MLA, Member for Bateman; Attorney General; Minister for Corrective Services
  • Lisa Baker MLA, Member for Maylands
  • Dr Elizabeth Constable MLA, Member for Churchlands
  • John Bowler MLA, Member for Kalgoorlie
  • Keith Buxton, National Director of Bridges for Peace: I applaud the formation of Friends of Israel WA and am delighted that this initiative has been taken in Western Australia, where Bridges for Peace, a Jerusalem-based worldwide organisation with a mandate to support Israel and build relationships between Christians and Jews, is especially strong. Outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev said recently that Israel is “the most isolated, lonely country in the world.” I know however that I speak on behalf of thousands of Christians across Australia in affirming our strong, unconditional support of Israel in what indeed are crucial days. For too long Christians have been silent. For too long the Jewish community has had to fight its battles alone. Now especially is the time for Christian individuals and congregations to speak up for the people who gave us the Bible, and to affirm Israel’s right to defend herself. We are committed to countering the curse of anti-Semitism and incessant media bias against Israel, and desire to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel. Congratulations on taking this very important initiative. Shalom.
  • Dr Ashley Crane, Principal, Harvest West Bible College Inc.
  • Warren Austin, President General Sir John Monash RSL Sub-Branch, WAJEX
  • Santo Merenda and guest, MD, Merenda Group Pty Ltd


That list is GOLD and activists should be targeting the people listed by pointing out the truth about the Israeli State and the Jewish Racial and Religious Supremacism that underpins it.

So many people ask me: “What can I do to help”. That’s easy, do the basic grass roots work that will bring my matter into the public eye by lobbying MSM news sites of every kind to report my case.

Write to the Australian Foreign Minister and demand she publicly rebuke the Israeli State for interfering in my case.

Julie Bishop – Minister Foreign Affairs


Parliament Office

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Let us remember what these utter fools are supporting –

The above image might explain Israel’s control over the entire planet. They have information on EVERYONE.