Inspector Of Police In Charge Of ‘Meth Task Force’ Has Millions In Property – How?

With the West Australian police, where does one begin?

Lets start with Inspector Tom CLAY. Head of the ‘Meth Task Force’ in W.A and his multi million dollar property portfolio.
 SOUTHERN China has become a key battle ground for an elite taskforce set up to “attack” the supply of methamphetamine into WA…
Former copper, Private Investigator and anti-corruption author, Terrence McLernon, knows Tom CLAY well. Terence alleges Tom CLAY has covered up a killing for his billionaire mates as well as other nefarious activities.

On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 1:58 PM, Terence Mclernon <> wrote:

I have more on Tom Clay than anyone else in Wapol [WA Police]  

Was brought and paid for by Allen Caratti, the billionaire land developer way back when a young copper.

Caratti ran over a back packer, killed him according to his wife Marcia at the time. She hired me to trace his assets over the divorce. She and Allen’s brother told me all about it.

The Brother, John Caratti, went to gaol over tax, took the wrap for the whole family. Huge amount of evidence. Also, I worked for a bloke called Peter Mancini on a few jobs, but he was arrested for heroin dealing and flogging exotic birds. Got 16 years. That’s when I first met Tom CLAY and his other bent drug squad mate whose father was a police prosecutor, Superintendent in charge. My father was the inspector second in charge. They hated each other. 

Anyway I had the job of following Tom Clay and his mate around.  Funny that I was following the drug squad around. Between those two detectives, they owned more real estate than Nigel Satterley, Perths biggest developer these days. Fucking dangerous job that one. 

Anyway use that info if it helps you. I don’t care, its all very very true.

The killing went down in Esperance. [Western Australia]

When I had a cup of coffee with Terence I was visited by state counter terrorism detectives Justin ROBINSON and Adam TIPPMAN the next day.
They said that they wanted a “truce” and that I had been a “thorn” in their side for some time. I corrected them and stated that in fact THEY had been a thorn in my side – I was not raiding their houses and taking their property because of the whining Perth Jewish community and their head Steve Lieblich.
Detective Justin Robinson stated they would organise a meeting with the Perth Islamic Community. It never happened. When I emailed Dr Jneid of the Perth Islamic Council myself, a Mosque was firebombed that night –  Perth mosque attack: Car firebombed, anti-Islam graffiti sprayed in ‘act of hate’.
The same “co-incidence” as when four men belonging to neo-hollywood nazi group “Combat 18”, tried to befriend me – then shot up a local Perth Mosque with a high powered rifle. They were suitably punished with a fine and suspended sentence – for a major terrorist act, while being members of a confirmed terrorist group. Do people wonder why Muslims are angry in this country when this is the “punishment” meted out for terror attacks on Muslims?
The men were not required to plea to charges of possessing an unlicensed firearm, unlawfully discharging a firearm from on or across a road, and destroying or damaging property.
 Imagine if I had shot up the local synagogue while being a member of “Combat 18”? Do you think I would have been charged with “unlawfully discharging a firearm from on or across a road.” Do you? What would my charge have been? In the end I served three years jail for “offending” Jewish feelings. Again, do people wonder why Muslims around the world are angry? Not only are hate crimes against Muslims rarely punished, whole countries are invaded on lies, millions killed and maimed – then we all get angry about Muslims getting angry. ‘The West’ is mentally ill.
The detective in charge of my case all these years is Detective SGT Timothy Richard PAINI. Pictured above. He was demoted for threatening me – “When this court case is over, it wont be over.” He lied under oath in the Magistrates Court about it – but he got demoted anyway. Now he’s back in charge of my case as a promoted Detective SGT. He is also friends with Inspector Tom CLAY. Fancy that?

Detective PAINI’S other best mate, Detective Brandon SHORTLAND, was thrown out of the drug squad for frolicking with two prostitutes naked in the Bell Tower Pool, high as a kite. But that is maybe just a viscous rumor started by honest crims? I can assure everyone detective Brandon SHORTLAND has been suitably punished. He is no longer a detective. Just recently he was downgraded to Vice President of the WA Police Union. 😀 Yeh, they look after their own. “The Blue Bikies”.

Inspector Tom CLAY [quote]
Inspector Tom Clay, of WA Police, said any major drug syndicates still operating should be put on notice. “We’ve got a dynamic team that is only getting better,” he said.
Indeed, at feathering their nests and poisoning our kids.

Where is the Australian Federal Police “Lifestyle Income Analysis Section” and their mates at the Australian Taxation Office? Where is the Corruption Crime Commision? Where is the Australian Crime Commission? Where are police internal affairs? They are all in bed – ALL of them.

The Premiere of this state and Prime minister of this country should keep their mouths well and truly shut about “corruption” anywhere else on this planet and focus on cleaning out the common gutter level scum criminals who have disguised themselves as police.

The West Australian police are corrupt to the core. Police, prison officers, organised crime figures and the banking sector and dealing drugs and laundering drug money at an industrial scale. The streets of Perth continue to be filled with drugs – because the WA drug squad are dealing it.

(FINAL NOTE – I experienced gross interference in my connection half way through this post. They look after their own – AFP, Cyber Crime Division, Australian Signals Directorate…Just go spy on the Indonesian Presidents wife’s shopping habits like you usually do.)