We need to help Minister Julie Bishop. An Australian fair maiden is up against “The Beast From The East”, where are the manly men from Oz?

We must help Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop stare down Israel and Netanyahu.
How do we do that? Why are powerful countries so terrified of Israel? Is it because Israel dominates the world of databases, spying, surveillance? Does the Israeli state have the dirt on EVERYONE? 

Help Brendon O’Connell get to the High Court
Brendon O’Connell is going to the High Court of Australia to have his conviction under Western Australia’s Racial Vilification Laws quashed and see an end to this terrible law which is being used by Globalist Zionist Power to stifle and ultimately wipe out any criticism of the racist apartheid state of Israel.

This will set a legal precedent that will protect your right to Free Speech also.

A solicitor and high court barrister have been tapped for the job.
Can these two old hands from the colonial outpost Australia teach a thing or two to the most powerful nation on earth? Hands off our legal system for starters!
Both Mr Foley and Dr Walsh are well versed in all aspects of international law and human rights as well as the specifics of the case at hand. There is much to organize.
Mr Foley took on JK Rowling in a famous case you might have missed. Ms Rowling was a little to scared to get to court and instead ended the litigation by demanding a one million pound deposit for “costs” thereby preventing the 5 year legal battle from having it’s day in court. Mr Foley stays the course, never wavers.
Dr Walsh has a PHD in International Law and has worked all over the world.

I completed this High Court synopsis while in jail. Please read. It gives a full run down of the case and the incredible circumstances surrounding this case.

They are trying to introduce this type of legislation all over the world. We can stop it with a win in my case.

  •  The first hurdle will be arguing with the High Court about the time it has taken to get the matter to the court itself. That in itself will be raising especially interesting points as I describe the harassment I have received in sworn affidavits
  • The interference of the Israeli state in the case and high level political interference. 
  • The fact a serving Minister (Joe Francis) told me over the phone he was more scared of his own prison officers than he was of organized crime – I can prove that call took place. He was threatened three days later. Western Australia is like Mena, Arkansas, but worse, and richer.

The lead up to the main court case will give ample avenues for the exploration (indirectly) of corruption within the Western Australia and the big fish – the Israeli state interfering in the trial itself so very publicly. PLEASE UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT THIS CASE IS. There has been nothing like it before – ever. 

We must make sure Israel does not interfere in Australia’s legal process
They’ve done it before in a major international incident on August 8th, 2010. One week before the original start of my trial. The Israeli deputy foreign minister, Israeli Ambassador and Australia’s own Foreign minister + 130 local and federal members of parliament. IT’S A SCANDAL! A massive criminal contempt of court case. All the details are below. This is a major legal and political scandal – it is being ignored.

Al Jazeera blows the lid on Israel’s plots against UK politicians. They did it in Australia first. A MUST WATCH! 4 part series. 

PUBLIC INTEREST is one of the key’s to the High Court. You must make this case a household name. The Revisionist Movement must get on board.

I rang the office of Julie Bishop and recorded my polite phone call asking why it was I had received zero correspondence from her office?
Police raided and arrested me under the surveillance devices act – “Making a private telephone call public.”

Here is a form letter you can use to send to the office of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Remember, part of ensuring a smooth passage to the High Court is “public interest”. We must raise the profile of the case and ensure Israel and Globalist Zionist Power does interfere again in the Australian legal system…

Hon Julia Bishop MP
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Canberra ACT 2600

Telephone – 0262777500
Fax – 0262734112

Dear Minister,

It has come to my attention that your office has failed in it’s duty to protect the integrity of Australia’s legal system.

The entire Israeli state came out against one Australian man on August 8, 2010, in what can only be described as an international incident and biggest criminal contempt of court case in history anywhere in the world.

It is my understanding from Mr O’Connell’s blog and video commentary, that your offices response to his inquiries as to why you have done nothing to protect Australia’s sovereignty – was to have the homeless shelter where he was residing, raided by police.

Please confirm your office will publicly rebuke the Israeli state for it’s gross violation of Australia’s sovereignty. Please also assure me that the Israeli state will not be interfering in Mr O’Connell’s move to the High Court to have his conviction quashed and sections of Western Australia’s racial vilification act repealed.

Yours truly,

John/Joan Citizen

You may, according to how daring you are feeling, point out that you hope Ms Bishop’s close friendship with Mr Kerry Stokes (7 Network owner) will not interfere with her decision making. Mr Stokes is a big fan of the Jewish Banking House Of Rothschild. He bought their “Bible” for $15 million dollars, just after I got out of jail.

Australian’s side with the under dog, with the oppressed. Israel is a gross, arrogant and powerful human rights violator and has zero respect for any one or anything – especially the indigenous people of Palestine. Lets not join any more wars for Israel and Globalist Zionist Power. Lets get ’em in the High Court of Australia!

When we’ve finished with the racist apartheid state of Israel, we have some work to do here at home with our own history of violence, ethnic cleansing and land theft. When we attend to our own past, Australia can move forward and exploit it’s amazing geographical location and massive natural resources and be an example to others. If we want it. 
If we do not realize what we have in this country, a population of only 25 million, we will lose it to the Zionist Globalist Colonial power moving in as we speak.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I have been stating that Section 80B, under which I was jailed for one year is identical to Section 18c of the currently debated Federal legislation that is making headlines in Australia as I type. This is NOT the case. The words “likely” and “offend” are not contained in Section 80B. The key word is “racially harass”. This is where they want to take the Federal legislation – “harass” instead of “offend”. Here is Section 80B, the most important section to challenge. This is what I received one years jail for when I called Stanley Elliot KEYSER a, “racist jew” with a religion of, “racism, hatred, homicide and ethnic cleansing.” – 

Conduct likely to racially harass

Any person who engages in any conduct, otherwise than in
private, that is likely to harass a racial group, or a person as a
member of a racial group, is guilty of a crime and is liable to
imprisonment for 3 years.
Summary conviction penalty: imprisonment for 12 months and a
fine of $12 000.
[Section 80B inserted by No. 80 of 2004 s. 6; amended by
No. 70 of 2004 s. 38(2).]$file/Criminal+Code.pdf

But here is further gnat picking. When studying the legislation, the term “offend” is considered central to the legal concept of “harassment”.

The 5 other charges were under Section 77 of the racial vilification legislation –

Conduct intended to incite racial animosity or racist

Any person who engages in any conduct, otherwise than in
private, by which the person intends to create, promote or
increase animosity towards, or harassment of, a racial group, or
a person as a member of a racial group, is guilty of a crime and
is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.
Alternative offence: s. 78, 80A or 80B.
[Section 77 inserted by No. 80 of 2004 s. 6; amended by No. 70
of 2004 s. 38(3).]

I received 2 years jail for each of these comments. I was found not guilty on one of these comments. We don’t know which one:

One further charge under Section 77 was contained in the video I was originally arrested for where I state:

“Your days are numbered as long as you continue to adhere to Rabbinic Pharisaic Judaism…”

You can watch this video here where I go over the video I was originally arrested for – 

Its important to get “all the ducks in a row” as we move towards the High Court.Many people are repeating my mistake and also mistakenly reporting that I received three years jail for offending Stanley Elliot KEYSER. It is important to understand what I was jailed for  – exactly.

Regardless, the charges were a joke and the senior prosecutor Justin Walley offered to take all of the charges back to the magistrates court at one stage. That would have resulted in a joke slap on the wrist.

At the same time as I was moving through court, four members of a violent terrorist neo-nazi gang shot up a Perth Mosque with a high powered rifle – head height. Despite being members of a violent, racist, terrorist gang, they received a $10,000 criminal damage fine and a suspended sentence. They spent no time whatsoever in custody. What does that tell you about Western Australia? What does that tell you about who rules it? 

At the time of posting this blog, I am unable to Google search at all. Watch this video – 

You must understand these charges were politically motivated by the extremely powerful Jewish lobby in Western Australia who are inextricably linked with the large amount of South African Jews and South African intelligence and special forces people who have retired in Western Australia. South African has a long history of extremely close ties with the racist apartheid state of Israel.


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