Video - Raided, Harassed, Maliciously Prosecuted By Zionist Controlled Police - THE CASE IN FULL - PART 4

Video – Raided, Harassed, Maliciously Prosecuted By Zionist Controlled Police – THE CASE IN FULL – PART 4


I was released from jail on January 24th, 2014 after serving three years for “offending” the Perth, Western Australian Jewish Community. A campaign of harassment immediately began. Passport was stolen. Diaries and CD of x-rays stolen. Repeated break ins and intimidation. Followed, abused, assaulted, hacked computers, cables pulled from telecommunication sites – phone call’s interfered with. Impossible to do interviews – Skype or telephone. And on and on and on.

With nowhere to live and no money out of desperation I began a campaign to have prison officers investigated for organizing my beating in jail via their organized crime contacts. The first time I attended an interview at the Department Of Corrective Services investigation offices I was abused and insulted. It resulted in me throwing a baseball bat at staff and physically man handling them. You think I’m joking? You have no idea how brazenly bad police and prison officers are in Western Australia. Watch the above video and see what I mean.

I recently completed two radio interviews on my case. You can find them here – Hereward Fenton, Truth News Radio Australia

Two days ago I completed an interview with The Vinny Eastwood Show

Judaized Freemasonry rules Western Australia. An incredibly isolated state with vast natural resources and a population of only 2.5 million in a state two and a half times the size of Texas. The Jewish Masonic establishment here are so cocky they put a large pyramid in full view on the front of the new District Court building – they don’t even try to hide it. I did a very detailed blog post detailing exactly what Judaized Masonry is and what it is doing and has done in the past. It is one of my most popular posts. “Why Are Countries So Terrified Of Israel”.

A large number of South African Jews moved here as apartheid was dismantled in South Africa. South African special forces, intelligence personnel and general rat bags ran to Western Australia as a viable life style alternative and to escape possible criminal prosecution despite the reconciliation program run by the South African government. South African security and military personnel are extremely close to Israel. They have/had, a very special relationship for a very long time. This includes assisting with nuclear weapons parts proliferation.

Western Australia is home to Australia’s highly respected special forces regiment – Special Air Service. Campbell Barracks. They swap backwards and forwards into the police service. This creates much fun and games as they toy with local organized criminals. In fact, many say the police and special forces personnel ARE organized crime in this state.

Added into the mix is a large retirement contingent of British military personnel, special forces, MI5 and MI6 personnel. Their grey hair glistens in the summer sun Down Under and there is never a shortage of “mates” to fill the ranks if you are short a surveillance team or two.

Little old Perth – drop off point for protected witnesses of the highest order. Case in point, Tony Sami. Who is Tony Sami? Well, he is the man who bought in the first and second World Trade Center bombers via his travel agency STT Travel. He would dine with the blind Sheik (recently dead – February 21 – prison infirmary). He would also dine with Mohammed Atta. I met him in jail, right here in Perth, Western Australia. I have his story recorded on this signed statement I did with him in Acacia Prison 0 June 2011. His real name is Tewfik Ali Sourour. He received $18 million US dollars for information regarding several potential terrorist attacks that were well reported world wide. Here is his signed statement – PDF.

Whilst in jail I met the biggest of the big drug traffickers and transporters. They told me how things really worked. The police deal the drugs. They run it. Period. The whole drug war is an utter sham – totally.

I met and became friends with the top transporter for the Medellin Cartel, Roger Reaves. I helped him get his book published and made this video of his life as the boss and best friend of infamous Iran Contra operative Barry Seal. Roger was also a close personal friend of Jorge Ochoa and Pablo Escobar.

People should never doubt just how harassed I have been. So much so, I even sought political asylum in Iran. That was an adventure in and of itself. I met with foreign ministry officials. Passport and border control, intelligence – Colonel Houssein. Press TV and university lecturers. I was granted political asylum verbally by a Mr Javed. I was getting my pass port stamped and a new 90 day visa extension when I decided to leave – something was not quite right.

Whilst in Iran I was to organize a Conference on 9-11. I was just beginning to talk with such people as the former head of studies of the US Army War College Dr Alan Sabrosky when I decided to leave.

My main writing has been on Zionist infiltration of the worlds high technology communications sector. I also wrote about the Israeli weapons and sensor systems used on Australia’s new Collins Class submarine. No one knew they were Israeli – but I did. I met the man who installed and wrote the code for the systems. Leon Wende.

Leon is an Australian Jew who has also served in the Israeli military. He is a spy. I first hit trouble in 2005 over Leon.

I was invited out for coffee;s with head of state counter terrorism Barry Shelton in June of 2010. Shortly there after, the entire Israeli state came out against me in a Friend Of Israel rally. The Israeli Ambassador attended in person; the Israeli Deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon attended via video link and Australia’s foreign minister Stephen Smith attended in person. 135 state and federal Australian M.P’s attended in person and expressed written support for the event. Two thousand people turned out at the Victory Life Stadium – a Zionist Christian evangelical church. It was an international incident of epic proportions and you have never heard about it unless you have been following my case closely for the last 8+ years. In those last 8+ years I have either been incarcerated or banned off-line with draconian control orders for 7 of them.

The West Australian police love to raid where ever I am living? I “offend” important people alot.

I explain what happened when the Israeli Ambassador came calling in the video below. I ring the office of Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop and ask why I have received no response from her office via email and letter. I record the call. I was arrested and charged for, “Making a private telephone call public.” I kid you not.

I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its the only place I feel safe. There is a warrant out for my arrest in Western Australia. Malaysia has a long history of exposing Zionist crimes and machinations and calling out the Israeli state for its terrorist false flag operations. Here is a recent video I did detailing Benyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Australia last month. If you don’t know my case, this will give you a good run down and perhaps educate you on things you may not have known before.

My plan is to get to the High Court and have my conviction quashed. In 2009 I was charged with causing “offense” to a Jewish political activist at a rally for the Gazan’s. The man – Stanley Elliot Keyser – is a hard core political activist and racist Jew. He is even friends with the most violent, lunatic and openly racist and homicidal Ultra Orthodox Jewish group on the planet – Chabad Lubavitch. I called Mr Keyser a “racist Jew” with a religion of “racism, homicide and ethnic cleansing.” I filmed the entire confrontation and posted it on line – police raided my house and arrested me. Charging me with “offending” Mr Keyser and trying to “incite” against the local Perth Jewish community. You can see me break down the offending video in the video below. Suspend your disbelief. I was put in jail for three years over this video and some tame blog postings.

Why do you think they really put me in jail?

Currently I am living off donations while I attempt to get my case into the High Court of Australia and raise my profile to give me some protection from the corrupt West Australian establishment who cannot wait to lick the boots of the racist apartheid state of Israel. If you can, please donate. I publish all my bank and Pay Pal records to here.

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Western Union – email to arrange.

I cannot tell you how important my case is. If you have gotten this far down the blog you should be pretty shocked if you didn’t know my case already. It’s no joke. I maintain a good sense of humor but the last eight years have been ‘horrendous. At least 4 people including my sister died suspiciously in the lead up to my trial and appeal. Why do you think the entire Israeli state came out against one man – me? It has never happened before and I hope you will donate if you can – even $10 goes a long way in Kuala Lumpur.

If you cannot donate – please spread my links around using Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.

I am currently arranging with several people a High Court appeals barrister. When that is finalized I will interview him and we can begin to arrange crowd funding for the appeal. You can see a video I did detailing the High Court appeal below.

You can download a full synopsis of events and the High Court appeal here.

The above paper work is an extraordinary piece of work. Done with a un-treated broken arm, in prison. Maximum security.

As you have gotten to the bottom of this page, I hope you will go further and donate. Currently I have $700AUS in my pocket. But I need to get at least $2000 in my pocket to ensure I can do a “visa run” if need be and for any other emergencies that could “pop up”. And, after eight years of dealing with the nastiest state on the planet – I assure you, anything can pop up.

It costs me $200AUS per week to live here. Hopefully through increasing contacts I can lower that cost. I am just networking online with any effectiveness just now. I’m feeling pretty positive after a rough two weeks after returning from Iran. Kuala Lumpur is beautiful.

Thanks in advance.

Warmest regards,

Brendon Lee O’Connell
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia