So, the CIA is taking over the world via your Samsung TV and Smart phone?

Bi Bi throws Trump a bone and feeds some chicken bits into the Wikileaks waste paper basket to give a homie a break.

That Israel runs the whole high technology telecommunications show escapes everyone via their domination of the private security contractor services. Their staff are trained up under Operation Talpiot where by Israeli Military Intelligence trained their best and brightest to dominate the high technology communications sector – Class A infrastructure monitoring (Fukashima, whoops),and policing databases, billing services, medical services…and just about any database you can think of.

But don’t worry, the CIA is taking over your Samasung TV. Why haven’t the sky’s darkened?

Dual national Israeli/American citizens like Rabbi Dov Zakheim and Michael Chertoff run the NSA and Homeland Security electronic surveillance private contractors. No problem there, right? Former top Pentagon psychological warfare planner Dr Steve Pieczenik believes there might be a problem with that.

In the video below I describe how I was to organise a conference in Tehran on Israeli spying and their domination of the worlds high technology sector giving them the unparelled ability to target, bribe and blackmail persons of interest and watch Trump “grab some pussy” on the Oval Office couch. But he never inhaled.

This video I did on Bi Bi visiting Australia says alot about the issue as well and use of Jewish Organised crime to bribe and blackmail targets. Also, please consider that a little birdy (Terrence) told me Israel has done a deal for direct flights, Tel Aviv to Perth, Western Australia. No wonder they wanted me out of the state. I take it arms trafficking, drug trafficking and shuttling bodies back and forth between Israel and the most isolated city in the world with a Special Forces base and tons of Military Intelligence personal – and South African intelligence (retired) – will be picking up pace? Will they be putting more Tewfik Ali Sourour protected WTC bomber protected witnesses in Perth? Direct from Israel? Tewfik Ali Sourour Statement Here.

Does Bi Bi’s visit have anything to do with a World Trade Center development for Perth? Linking it with over 300 other cities? A Jordanian businessman is developing. 

Large holographic aircraft and thermate optional in the structural costings? I’m just kidding – – – about the holographic aircraft.

Israeli private security contractor companies are as regular and common place as chicken bits at a chicken bit farm. “Black Cube” comes to mind. Proudly boasting of their Israeli Military Intelligence connections and training.

They like to hack prosecution offices in Romania when there Jewish Mob bretheran are getting some heat…

Here is a link to a Press TV news article.

You will note her Orthodox Christian icon of Mary on her desk. Who upset the Jewish mob in Romania then eh?

One day, before we die, we might see Press TV lash out some cash on a 4 part documentary series detailing how Israel dominates…EVERYTHING…electronic. Here, I’ve already done some research for them…

I (Brendon Lee O’Connell) continue to be the only human being on the planet who can do these two things – utter the words OPERATION TALPIOT and THE TECHNION. Dont ask me why. But it appears to be true. As I am obviously a genius and have paid dearly for my insistence on carrying on the mission to inform the world of Israel’s plan to take over…EVERYTHING…including your Samsung TV and your local dairy production …I humbly request you throw some shekels my way to keep my windowless hotel above my head –

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